Distracted Driving Awareness Month, April 2019

Safe Driving Awareness Encourage safety on the road and in the car with our selection of safe driving awareness products ...
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Commercial Auto Liability Insurance

Peace of Mind For Businesses on The Road – Commerical Auto Insurance

Commercial Auto Insurance in Ankeny and Des Moines, IA To prevent losing your hard-earned revenue due to an auto accident, ...
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Workers Compensation Rate Decrease

2019 Work Comp Rates Continue to Decrease in Iowa

by Mark Densmore - CAWC 2019 Work Comp rates continue to decrease in Iowa due to legislation passed in July ...
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Cyber Liability Insurance

Cyber Attacks and The Resulting Need for Cyber Liability Insurance

by NASKeve A cyber-attack can generate a major crisis that could jeopardize the very survival of the company. The main ...
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How to Buy a House

How to Buy a House -Wisdom From Dave Ramsey

If you want to know how to buy a house, you've come to the right place! When you start thinking ...
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Make Your Home Both Smart And Secure

Taylor ArmerdingContributor CybersecurityI cover software security and privacy. “Smart but insecure” sounds like you’re talking about a high achiever who ...
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Ensuring Online Safety at Work with Cyber Security Training

In Cyber Security Awareness by Ryan ClancyOctober 25, 2018 The third blog in our series as part of National Cybersecurity ...
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Best practices for information security and data protection from an outsourcing vendor

In today’s rapidly changing technological environment, having a minimum set of security practices is no longer sufficient to protect your ...
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Why you should be wary of third-party providers

A supply chain attack, also called a value-chain or third-party attack, occurs when someone infiltrates your system through an outside ...
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Distracted Driver

Pay Attention: Distracted Driving Could Boost Your Insurance Rates By As Much As 41%

Jim Gorzelany We’ve known for some time the physical hazards of distracted driving, whether it’s talking on a mobile phone, ...
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